Welcome to our introductory page.

We are almost ready to start with our basic course Papiamentu, but first an introduction video with a welcome word, some tips, and additional some questions to test your intuition with the language. All the best and Enjoy!

Introduction Quiz – Kues di introdukshon

Here follow some questions regarding the content of the introduction video you just watched

Who we are ? We are Kinani Language Enrichment.

Recommended Apps

CUROM Multimedia

Local Radio station with different channels with Dj's who uses the language Papiamentu with less interferance as possible.


This is one of the morning newspapers in Papiamentu. You can get a hardcopy at the supermarket, on the street, minimarkets for ANG 1,50 or you can subscribe for an online version.


An application which includes radio and TV stations and also paid programs completely in Papiamentu

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