Basic information

  • Online courses are classes provided through one or more virtual platforms that Kinani Language Enrichment offers.
  • The online courses consist of live virtual sessions and online course materials for personal practice.
  • The online sessions are provided according to a schedule, which the student should approve before the course initiation.
  • Adjustments to the course schedule are no longer possible after the student has approved it.
  • All courses have a fixed starting and ending date. Therefore, if the student wishes to continue classes, he or she should renew the subscription.
  • The course starting and ending dates are agreed on before signing the course agreement.


Personal information

  • The student agrees to provide all the required personal data such as name, last name, birth date and place, education level, and other personal information Kinani Language Enrichment may require.
  • Kinani Language Enrichment commits not to share any personal information of its students with third parties but may use these data for internal research and analysis purposes.


Course content

  • The course program contains audio and audiovisual materials, texts, and images.
  • The content is created, owned, and copyrighted by Kinani Language Enrichment.
  • Access to the course material is solely available for personal purposes.
  • It is prohibited to copy, modify, adapt or distribute the content of the course.


Use & user

  • Once the student has read and agreed with the terms and conditions and paid the course fee, he or she becomes a user of the virtual platform of Kinani Language Enrichment.
  • The user will be granted access to one or more virtual platforms of Kinani Language Enrichment, where he or she should signup to create a username and password.
  • Access to the platform is exclusive user access and can only be used by the registered student.
  • It is strictly prohibited to share your username and password with third parties.
  • The user agrees not to misuse the course material available on the platform and respects the copyright of the material.
  • Downloading, copying, and sharing course material is strictly prohibited. In case this happens, the user will be legally prosecuted or fined.
  • It is also prohibited to share or distribute the content of the platform with third parties.
  • In case of a breach, the subscription will automatically be annulled, and access to the platform will immediately be canceled. In addition, legal charges will be pressed, which costs are for the student.


Payment & refund

  • Once the student agrees with the terms & conditions, he or she also agrees to pay the course fee.
  • Payment must be made through a bank transfer. Once payment has been received, Kinani Language Enrichment will grant the student access to the platform.
  • If the student wishes to cancel the subscription before the agreed end date, Kinani Language Enrichment will not refund the paid course fee.
  • In case of non-compliance, illegal or incorrect use of the platform, Kinani Language Enrichment may cancel the subscription at any time, without previous notice.
  • In case of forced cancellation, Kinani Language Enrichment will not refund any paid course fees.
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