In the past, the word Kinani was used for a person who had the same name as another and this is part of Kinani Language Enrichment’s vision. We are certain that, just as the meaning of our name implies, we have something in common with our clients. Due to the fact that we are sure of this, we would like to become a platform for helping our clients reach their goals. With our services, we facilitate the communication process in an engaging and enjoyable manner by always making sure that this will be of both intrinsic and extrinsic value to the clients.


Kinani Language Enrichment is here to help facilitate the communication process and personal and professional development of our clients. Moreover, we here at Kinani Language Enrichment are convinced that we are here to contribute to amplifying worldwide the standing of Papiamentu as a creole and minority language for the native Papiamentu speakers as well as for those who have learned Papiamentu as a second/foreign language.

Our Teachers

Kinani Language Enrichment has an excellent team of teachers who are passionate about, and dedicated to, their specific fields as well as to the ever expanding human development. Their love of sharing their knowledge, enjoying what they do and helping people progress are just some of the unique characteristics that sets apart the professional team of Kinani.


Our Translation Team

The art of translating requires not only the knowledge of languages but also accuracy and precision and this is what characterizes Kinani Language Enrichment’s translation team. Just like our teachers, the translation team is proficient/fluent in different languages which enables us to provide translation services in English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamentu. We do not currently have a certified translator on our team but we are always able to recommend someone if a client needs official documents translated.

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